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     Marine airbag are widely used for ship docking and launching, large heavy objects lifting and moving, sunken ship salvaging and stranding rescue etc. Compared with the traditional sliding plate and slipway ,airbag has the feature of saving time and labor, less investment, flexible, safe and reliable. etc.


    Our factory has invested a large amount of labor,material and energy, brought together much professional knowledge in rubber, chemical etc. invested a high strength,overall winding high pressure anti-explosion type airbag. The advantage of this kind of airbag is: it’s internal skeleton structure is more scientific, there’s no joint in the whole airbag body ,the skeleton materials’ resistant to pull force can be fully used. Overcoming the weakness of the uneven internal pressure that acts on the airbag body, also avoiding the problem of peeling off of the layers, bubbling and the danger of a sudden explosion.By many times strict test, the brute force, tensile strength , anti-aging, abrasion resistance etc. indicators of our airbag ranked the forefront of industry. All the natural rubber we used are 1L,3L in best quality , the rubber content up to more than 62%, it’s skeleton structure-two kinds of Nylon dipped tyre cord: one is 1400Dtex2(1×2)raw silk with the density of 90 lines per 10cm and burst force of per line is 206N/meter; the other kind is 1400Dtex3(1×3)raw silk with the density of 88 lines per 10cm and burst force of per line is 315N/meter; to ensure the sturdy and durable of the product and safety in use;  the production technology adopted the advanced technological standard in industry; the complete testing equipment in our company ensure that the raw material, semi-manufactures and finished products pass tests one by one, and make shunhang airbags have good bearing capacity, good air tightness, easy to repair and long lifespan, safe and reliable, the product is widely used throughout the world and win the praise of customers .






Advantage of rubber floating airbags


1. Long lifespan

2. Movable and reusable

3. Saving investment costs

4. Saving labor and time 




Our marine airbags used for ship docking and launching for shipyard in Malaysia








Our services


1.One-to-one VIP service.

2.Lifelong after-sale service.

3.Professional suggestions for suitable size and quantity.

4.Teach customers to use our airbags on site .

5.Any questions will be replied within 24 hours.

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